Bespoke clothing

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Custom suits, jackets, shirts or ties

Made in Italy bespoke wardrobe available to order at Burdi. Please allow 8 weeks for production and fittings except August and January 12 weeks. 


True Bespoke means verbatim order as spoken. This is the British equivalent of custom made or bench made suit. There are infinite options of design and fabric choices and even some that have not yet come into existence. Are you trying to match Bulls red, Deep Sea Blue, or dreaming of winter white cashmere, we can make it possible. A new pattern is made just for you, just for your garment and cut and sawn exclusively by hand. The fit and wearability is superior, the design can be fully customized. Recreate period detail or start a new trend, your style your choice.    


How would you like to fly


A Burdi bespoke suit will start with a consultation. You have to think how you will use the clothing. Are you looking for superior luxury or every day durability. Will this be your starter piece or can you embrace more fun choices, there are no limits. 



The fist few tailored pieces in every wardrobe are a perfect navy suit or charcoal should you embrace the old Goldman uniform, and a navy blazer. A couple of white and a couple of patterned shirts. Finish the look with loafers, slacks or chinos and a belt. Add a pocket square for flair or a tie if the occasion calls for it. A basic all seasons superfine wool will perform and look great. 


Business Class

Expanding on a wardrobe with a few pieces every season is a good way to build your collection. Buy patterns and looks that you love. Reach for color and textures and build outfits for business, or a night out on town. If you dress with regularity aim for at least a dozen suits and jackets.


First class

Whether you are walking the Capitol or the boardroom, elevate your look with superfine fabrics and tailoring. Hand-made clothing in beautiful luxurious materials, feels and wears in amazing ways. This is where Italian tailoring shines. Wearing something outstanding changes your perspective and confidence.



You have a simple philosophy, you just want the best. Rare and precious fabrics, master tailors personally attending to your designs. You are only limited by your imagination.