Sunglasses Sunny :Teak-Magma :Green

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Ic Berlin produces eyewear from 0.5mm thick stainless spring steel sheet metal, using a patented screwless hinge design. The combination of materials and techniques allows their products to be light and flexible. Handcrafted Cellulose Acetate creates unique and rich color combinations that are not possible though other materials. Each frame begins as a laminated sheet of acetate that is milled, shaped and then hand-formed to perfection and finished with optical quality hinges. The finished frame is meticulously hand polished and is registered to ensure a perfect fit.
- frame:136 mm
- lens: 54 mm
- weight: 20 g
- nose: 22 mm
- temple: 145 mm
- Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
- Made in Germany

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